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Bio Info

Titles: Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah, Bree the Horse

Age: Unknown

Species: Talking Horse

Home: Born in Narnia, but captured at a young age and taken to Calormen as a war-horse

Physical Description: A strong dappled war-horse with flowing mane and tail

First Appearance: The Horse and His Boy, Ch. 1 (1954), first referenced in The Silver Chair, Ch. 3 (1953)


~ The Horse and His Boy ~ (1954)

Bree is the mount of the Tarkaan lord Anradin. When Shasta wonders aloud what his life would be like as Anradin's slave, Bree reveals his ability to talk and warns Shasta that his master is a cruel man. Bree convinces Shasta to run away with him to Narnia, because a horse and rider had a better chance to get through than either one alone. Bree teaches Shasta how to ride but instructs him not to touch the reins or his mane. One night they are chased by lions, which forces them to join up with Aravis and Hwin. Before assuming their disguises to get through the city of Tashbaan, Bree shows his vain side by protesting the ragged cutting of their tails for appearances' sake. When Aravis tells the others about Rabadash's plan to attack Anvard, Bree says they have time to get a good head start to warn the Archenlanders because it takes time to get two hundred horses and soldiers ready for a journey. As they make their way into Archenland, they are beset by lions again. Bree keeps running to safety while Shasta turns back to help Aravis and Hwin. After Shasta is sent on by the Hermit to find King Lune, Bree becomes depressed and declares that he will return to Calormen. The Hermit talks to Bree and helps him to gain some perspective on his time as a slave. When Aslan appears, Bree learns another lesson in humility before heading to Anvard with Shasta. He is overjoyed to find out that Talking Horses roll in the fields just like dumb horses. Later he returns to Narnia with Hwin. He eventually gets married (though not to Hwin) and lives to a ripe old age.

~ The Last Battle ~ (1956)

Bree is there to welcome the friends of Narnia at the final reunion.

About Bree

Bree is initially rather arrogant because of his obvious superiority to the dumb horses of Calormen, and does tend to be vain of his handsome appearance and heroic deeds. Bree is an intelligent schemer and is not afraid to take risks such as revealing to Shasta his ability to speak. Bree enjoys leading and has a wry sense of humor. Though he insults Shasta's ability to ride, he is secretly proud of having taught the boy. Bree is sometimes insecure about himself as a Talking Horse, afraid that he has picked up "silly, clownish tricks" such as rolling from the dumb horses that surrounded him in Calormen. For all his faults, Bree is an honest friend who is able to learn from his mistakes and become better because of them.


  • "Oh the sweet air of Narnia! An hour's life there is better than a thousand years in Calormen." (HHB, Ch.1)
  • "You're rum little creatures, you humans." (HHB, Ch. 2)
  • "We're free Narnians, Hwin and I, and I suppose, if you're running away to Narnia, you want to be one too. In that case Hwin isn't your horse any longer. One might just as well say you're her human." (HHB, Ch 2)
  • "Narnia and the North!" (HHB, Ch. 9)
  • "Shasta didn't! At least he ran in the right direction: ran back. And that is what shames me most of all. I, who called myself a war horse and boasted of a hundred fights, to be beaten by a little human boy—a child, a mere foal, who had never held a sword nor had any good nurture or example in his life!" (HHB, Ch. 10)
  • "If he was a lion he'd have four paws, and a tails, and Whiskers! ... Aie, ooh, hoo-hoo! Help!" (HHB, Ch. 14)
  • "Aslan, I'm afraid I must be rather a fool." (HHB, Ch. 14)
  • "Do Talking Horses roll?" (HHB, Ch. 14)


  • Nick Burnell: Focus on the Family Radio Theater, 1999 – 2002
  • Martin Jarvis: BBC Radio Tales of Narnia
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