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Bio Info

Title: Glimfeather the Owl

Age: Unknown

Species: Talking Owl

Home: A partly ruinous tower with the Parliament of Owls, Narnia

Physical Description: A large white Owl, as tall as a good-sized dwarf

First Appearance: The Silver Chair, Ch. 3 (1953)


~ The Silver Chair ~ (1953)

Glimfeather the Owl is standing with the crowd watching the king set off for the Lone Islands, when he notices two human children come flying in from across the sea. Being curious, Glimfeather flies over to find out who they are and what they are doing. The children ask him about the ship that has just set sail, and Glimfeather explains that it was King Caspian the Tenth who is going to seek Aslan before he dies. The girl, Jill, tells Glimfeather that she and Eustace have been sent to find Caspian's lost son Rilian. Glimfeather takes them to see Trumpkin who is serving as Lord Regent while Caspian is away, but warns the children not to tell Trumpkin why they are there. Later that night, Glimfeather fetches the children from the castle and takes them to the Parliament of Owls. There the Owls inform Jill and Eustace that they cannot tell anyone why they have come to Narnia, because so many heroes have died searching for Rilian that Caspian has forbidden anyone else to search for his son. When Jill and Eustace ask the Owls for help in seeking the prince, Glimfeather decides that he and another Owl should fly them to Puddleglum the Marsh-wiggle, who will guide them through the north.

~ The Last Battle ~ (1956)

Glimfeather is there to welcome the friends of Narnia at the final reunion.

About Glimfeather

Glimfeather is a curious, friendly Owl who helps Jill and Eustace when they arrive in Narnia. His speech, full of words that rhyme with the "whoo" sound that owls make, is punctuated with Owl-y "tu-whoos" and is intended to create a comic effect. But Glimfeather is not just a comic figure; he instantly believes Jill's claim that they were sent by Aslan, and warns them to keep their quest secret so that they will not be hindered by Caspian's law. Though his mind is slightly dazed during the daylight hours, at night Glimfeather is able to make sound plans and convince others to help him carry them out. It is his idea to enlist Puddleglum's help for the mission. Glimfeather appears to be a somewhat well-known person, as Trumpkin greets him by name and he acts as a spokesman among the Owls.


  • "Tu-whoo, tu-whoo! Who are you two?" (SC, Ch. 3)
  • "There's something magic about you two. I saw you arrive: you flew. Everyone else was so busy seeing the King off that nobody knew. Except me. I happened to notice you, you flew." (SC, Ch. 3)
  • "I beg your pardon. I was just nabbing a bat. There's nothing so sustaining, in a small way, as a nice plump little bat. Shall I catch you one?" (SC, Ch. 4)
  • "You see, most of the creatures in Narnia have such unnatural habits. They do things by day, in broad blazing sunlight (ugh!) when everyone ought to be asleep. And, as a result, at night they're so blind and stupid that you can't get a word out of them. So we owls have got into the habit of meeting at sensible hours, on our own, when we want to talk about things." (SC, Ch. 4)
  • "Tu-whoo, tu-whoo! Wake up, Puddleglum. Wake up. It is on the Lion's business." (SC, Ch. 5)


  • Derek Nimmo: Focus on the Family Radio Theater, 1999 – 2002

  • Warwick Davis: BBC TV series, 1988 – 1990

  • Anthony Jackson: BBC Radio Tales of Narnia
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