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Bio Info

Titles: Jill, Pole

Age: 9 (SC), 16 (LB)

Species: Daughter of Eve

Home: England

Physical Description: Eustace describes Jill as "small" in The Last Battle

Tools: A bow and arrows

First Appearance: The Silver Chair, Ch. 1 (1953)


~ The Silver Chair ~ (1953)

Jill is crying behind the school gym when Eustace discovers her. To comfort Jill, he tells her of his adventures in Narnia and they decide to try to escape there. But while they are calling on Aslan, they are discovered by the school bullies. Jill and Eustace open a door and are stunned to find that it leads into another world. They enter that world and come to the edge of a cliff, but when Eustace tries to pull Jill back, he slips and falls. Just then, Aslan appears and blows Eustace to the safety of Narnia. When Jill finds Aslan later in the woods, He tells her that He has called them into Narnia to find and rescue the long-lost Prince of Narnia, Rilian. Aslan gives Jill four Signs to follow in their quest. After Jill is able to repeat all the Signs correctly, Aslan blows her to Narnia. That night, the Owls take the children to the Marsh-wiggle Puddleglum, and the three of them set out in search of the lost Prince. Jill repeats the Signs to herself daily until they meet a strange lady dressed in green who tells them of the comforts of Harfang, home of the Gentle Giants. After meeting the Lady of the Green Kirtle, Jill and Eustace care for nothing but reaching Harfang, and Jill gives up saying the Signs. Once at Harfang, Jill discovers that the Giants intend to eat them. They escape by crawling into a cave, but while they are hiding, the stones give way beneath them and they fall deep below the surface. They are then captured by the Warden of the Underworld who takes them to Underland’s Queen (The Lady of the Green Kirtle). Upon arriving at the underground city, they meet a young man under enchantment, who turns out to be none other than Prince Rilian. After freeing Rilian from his enchantment, they are discovered by the green Lady who then tries to enchant all of them. Jill weakens the enchantment for a moment by remembering and mentioning the name of Aslan. After escaping the Underworld, they return to Narnia in time to reunite Rilian with his father Caspian and witness the death of the old king. Aslan brings Jill and Eustace to His country where they watch Aslan bringing Caspian back to life. Jill, Eustace, Caspian, and Aslan then return to England where no time has passed. They terrify the bullies (which leads to public investigation and reform of the school), and Jill and Eustace return home.

~ The Last Battle ~ (1956)

Jill is present when King Tirian suddenly appears to the friends of Narnia, alerting them to the fact that Narnia is in danger. Since Aslan has told the Pevensies that they will not be returning to Narnia, it is decided that Jill and Eustace will go, using the magic rings. They take a train to the meeting place to get the rings from Peter and Edmund, when suddenly there comes a “frightful jerk”... and Jill and Eustace find themselves in Narnia. During their mission to help Tirian rescue Jewel the Unicorn, Jill has the sudden inspiration to go inside the stable and free the false Aslan, the Donkey Puzzle dressed in a lionskin. Jill fights by Tirian's side in the last battle for Narnia, and is thrown through the stable door. Jill witnesses night falling on Narnia and goes "further up and further in" with the others as Aslan leads them to His country.

About Jill

Jill is friends with Eustace Scrubb because of their mutual misery at their boarding school, Experiment House. Both Jill and Eustace are targeted by the school bullies, and Jill is intrigued when Eustace tells her of a way to escape to another world. Once in Narnia, Jill is entrusted with the "harder task" in their mission. She provides the theoretical basis for the quest to find the lost Prince because she has spoken directly with Aslan and received His instructions. Eustace and Puddleglum rely on her to remember the guiding Signs that she was given by Aslan. Jill has several faults (showing off, quarrelling with Eustace, and being impatient) but she is also brave. When they learn their lives are in danger from the Giants at Harfang, Jill skillfully plays the part of a giggling, thoughtless girl to convince their hosts that they have no suspicion of the Giants’ plans. Though she suffers from claustrophobia, she goes with the others through the stifling passages of the Underland. When she and Eustace go to Narnia to help King Tirian, Tirian marvels at her woodcraft. Jill is impulsive, compassionate, and feisty, a character with whom many fans readily identify.


  • "Fancy sleeping on air. I wonder if anyone's done it before. I don't suppose they have. Oh bother—Scrubb probably has!" (SC, Ch. 2)
  • "Really, Puddleglum, you do have the most horrible ideas. How do you think of them all?" (SC, Ch. 6)
  • "Oh, come on! Bother the signs. Something about someone mentioning Aslan's name, I think. But I'm jolly well not going to give a recitation here." (SC, Ch. 7)
  • "It's my fault. I—I'd given up repeating the signs every night. If I'd been thinking about them I could have seen it was the city, even in all that snow." (SC, Ch.8)
  • "And we may come to the feast tomorrow night, mayn't we? We're so longing for tomorrow night! And we do love being here. And while you're out, we may run over the whole castle and see everything mayn't we? Do say yes." (SC, Ch. 8)
  • "It wasn't his fault. It was all the Ape. He didn't know any better. And he's very sorry. He's a nice Donkey. His name's Puzzle. And I've got my arms around his neck." (LB, Ch. 6)
  • "Even if I can't stop blubbing, I won't get my string wet." (LB, Ch. 12)


  • Jade Williams: Focus on the Family Radio Theater, 1999 – 2002

  • Camilla Power: BBC TV series, 1988 – 1990

  • Victoria Shalet: BBC Radio Tales of Narnia
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