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Bio Info

Title: Lord Octesian

Age: Most likely the same age as Caspian the Ninth

Species: Son of Adam, Telmarine

Home: Formerly Miraz's castle; may have lived for some time on Dragon Island

First Appearance: First mentioned in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Ch. 2 (1952)


~ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ~ (1952)

In the company of the other six lords whom Miraz sent exploring, Lord Octesian sails to the Lone Islands (where Lord Bern remains behind), and then on to uncharted seas. Though the nature of Octesian's fate is uncertain, it is clear he meets his end on Dragon Island. He is either the dragon that died as Eustace watched, or he had been killed by that or another dragon. When Eustace stumbles upon the dragon's cave he discovers Octesian's arm-ring, which is how Caspian and the others learn that Octesian did not sail past this island. Caspian tosses Octesian's arm-ring into the air and it lands on a little outcropping of rock on the island, as an informal memorial to its owner who met his end there.

About Lord Octesian

At one time Octesian was a respected Narnian lord whose loyalty to Caspian the Ninth worried Miraz enough to send him and his companions to sea. It is unclear whether Octesian was a selfish man who became a dragon by sleeping (as Eustace did) on a dragon's hoard with dragonish thoughts in his heart, or if he was a valiant knight, killed in battle by the dragon there. Although Rhoop, Mavramorn, Revilian, and Argoz might know more, the book does not include any further information about Octesian, and his fate remains unknown except that Dragon Island was indeed the place of his death.

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