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Bio Info

Title: Lord Rhoop

Age: Most likely the same age as Caspian the Ninth

Species: Son of Adam, Telmarine

Home: The Dark Island

Physical Description: A wild-looking man who has an untidy mop of white hair, a thin, drawn face, and only rags for clothing. His eyes are so wide-open with fear that you cannot see any eyelids.

First Appearance: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Ch. 12 (1952)


~ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ~ (1952)

In the company of the other six lords whom Miraz sent exploring, Lord Rhoop sails to the Lone Islands (where Lord Bern remains behind), then to Dragon Island (where Lord Octesian remains behind), then to Deathwater Island (where Lord Restimar meets his fate), and then on to uncharted waters. Rhoop and his companions arrive at the Dark Island where it is said that dreams come true. Thinking that there he will find all of his wishes and hopes come to life, Rhoop remains behind only to discover that it is actual dreams he has had — his nightmares — that come true. He is tormented by his dreams on the island until the Dawn Treader arrives and Caspian brings him aboard. Rhoop screams at those aboard the ship to flee while they can, warning them of what the island contains. Once free of the Dark Island, Rhoop reveals who he is and begs Caspian never to make him return there. Upon reaching Ramandu's Island, Rhoop is granted peaceful sleep without dreams by Ramandu. Rhoop remains on that island in his enchanted sleep with the other three sleeping lords until Caspian returns from the end of the world.

About Lord Rhoop

Rhoop is a "broken man." He has been tortured by his nightmares for years, cut off from human companionship and doomed to stay on the Dark Island until rescued. He appears to be very wild and almost insane with the terror of what he has endured, but before he came to the Dark Island he was a Narnian lord whose honest loyalty to Caspian worried Miraz enough to send him away. Through Rhoop, Lewis shows how terror can warp a person into someone almost unrecognizable. Rhoop's state when he boards the Dawn Treader gives credence to the horror of the Dark Island.


  • "Mercy! Mercy! Even if you are only one more dream, have mercy. Take me on board. Take me, even if you strike me dead. But in the name of all mercies do not fade away and leave me in this horrible land." (VDT, Ch. 13)


  • Bruce Spence: Fox/Walden The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, 2010

Born: 17 September 1945

  • Simon Treves: Focus on the Family Radio Theater, 1999 – 2002

  • Christopher Godwin: BBC TV series, 1988 – 1990

  • Andrew Branch: BBC Radio Tales of Narnia
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