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Bio Info

Titles: Aunt Polly, Lady Polly

Age: 11 (MN), 60 (LB)

Species: Daughter of Eve

Home: London, England

Physical Description: None

Tools: Magic rings

First Appearance: The Magician's Nephew, Ch. 1 (1955)


~ The Magician's Nephew ~ (1955)

Polly is outside one day when suddenly Digory's face appears over the wall from next door. Their adventures begin when they explore the attic that connects their row of houses. They accidentally find their way into Uncle Andrew's study, where Uncle Andrew offers Polly a yellow ring. The moment she touches it, she vanishes. Polly is discovered by Digory in the Wood Between the Worlds, where they decide to explore other worlds found in the pools there. When they leap into one pool, they find themselves inside the dying world of Charn. They wander into a gallery containing wax-like figures and a pedestal with a bell and hammer on it. Polly tries to stop Digory from ringing the bell but is unsuccessful, and Digory's bell-striking awakens the last figure, Queen Jadis. When Polly and Digory touch their rings to escape Charn, Jadis catches hold of them and they bring her back with them to Uncle Andrew's study. Polly helps Digory get Jadis out of London and back to the Wood. When they arrive, they realize that they have brought not only Jadis, but Strawberry, Uncle Andrew, and Frank the Cabby as well. They jump into another pool they mistakenly believe is Charn, but which is actually a new world. There they witness the creation of Narnia by the great Lion Aslan. Polly accompanies Digory on his quest to undo the wrong he has done to Narnia by bringing Jadis there. On their way to the hill with the garden, Polly plants one of her toffees. It grows into a toffee tree and they eat its fruit for breakfast. After the children succeed in their quest and return to Aslan, Polly attends the coronation of King Frank and Queen Helen before returning to London with Digory.

~ The Last Battle ~ (1956)

Polly and the other friends of Narnia are gathered together on Earth when King Tirian suddenly appears before them. They all sense that something is wrong, and decide to recover the magic rings so that Eustace and Jill can go back to Narnia to help. Polly is on the train with the others to meet Peter and Edmund when it crashes. Immediately after that, they find themselves in another world where Polly realizes that she and Digory are younger. Polly meets Tirian when Tirian throws himself through the stable door, and witnesses night falling on Narnia. Polly goes "further up and further in" with the others as Aslan leads them to His country.

About Polly

Polly is a very sensible and careful girl, though not without a taste for adventure. She enthusiastically accompanies Digory on their exploration of the attics in their row of houses. When Digory wants to "strike the bell and bide the danger" in Charn, Polly's innate common sense asserts itself as she tries to stop him from doing such a foolhardy thing. Although Polly is cautious, she takes full part in their adventures. When she and Digory are on their quest to bring the Apple of Life back to Aslan, Polly has the idea to plant a toffee in the ground, thus providing their breakfast the next morning. Later Polly becomes an "aunt" to the Pevensies by virtue of their common experiences in Narnia.


  • "I wonder did we ever really meet before? I had a sort of idea—a sort of picture in my head—of a boy and a girl, like us—living somewhere quite different—and doing all sorts of things." (MN, Ch. 3)
  • "It's a good thing one of us has some sense." (MN, Ch. 3)
  • "What does it matter what would have happened?" (MN, Ch. 4)
  • "How exactly like a man! And don't say I'm just like a woman, or you'll be a beastly copy-cat." (MN. Ch. 4)
  • "Oh nothing of course. Only nearly screwed my wrist off in that room with all the waxworks, like a cowardly bully. Only struck the bell with the hammer, like a silly idiot. Only turned back in the wood so that she had time to catch hold of you before we jumped into our own pool. That's all." (MN, Ch. 6)
  • "You're just like the Witch. All you think of is killing things." (MN, Ch. 9)
  • "No, we're not, honestly we're not. We're not at all nice to eat." (MN, Ch 10)
  • "I don't suppose they're anywhere yet. I mean, there's no one there, and nothing happening. The world only began today." (MN, Ch. 12)
  • "Oh, don't be silly. Of course humans can't eat grass, any more than you could eat a mutton chop." (MN, Ch. 12)


  • Jessica Fox (MN), Sallyanne Law (LB): Focus on the Family Radio Theater, 1999 – 2002
  • Rowena Smith (MN), Mary Wimbush (LB): BBC Radio Tales of Narnia
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