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Bio Info

Titles: Shasta, Prince Cor, King Cor of Archenland

Age: 14

Species: Son of Adam, Archenlander

Home: Archenland

Physical Description: Fairhaired and light-skinned

Tools: Thornbut's armor and sword

First Appearance: The Horse and His Boy, Ch. 1 (1954), first referenced in The Silver Chair, Ch. 3 (1953)


~ The Horse and His Boy ~ (1954)

Shasta has grown up as the adopted son of a Calormene fisherman named Arsheesh. One day a high-ranking Tarkaan rides up and demands hospitality for the night. Shasta overhears the Tarkaan's offer to buy him and and begins wondering what his life might be like. As he debates with himself, he says out loud to the Tarkaan's horse, "I wish you could talk" — to which the horse replies, "But I can." The horse Bree warns him that his master is a cruel man, and they decide to run away together. A few nights later, while trying to escape some lions, Bree and Shasta meet up with Aravis and Hwin and make plans to travel together. Upon arriving in the city of Tashbaan, Shasta is mistaken for a runaway prince by King Edmund of Narnia. He is forced to go along with the Narnian lords under that mistaken identity, and overhears their plan to leave Calormen secretly. That evening Shasta escapes to the rendezvous point outside the city, the Tombs of the Ancient Kings. A large cat keeps him warm, and, though he does not know it, protects him from the jackals as well. The next day, Bree, Hwin, and Aravis arrive and they start their trek across the desert, trying to warn the Archenlanders in time about Rabadash's impending attack. As they are racing along, another lion appears and attacks Aravis just as they are reaching the home of the Hermit of the Southern March. Though unarmed, Shasta runs back yelling at the lion to "Go home." To his surprise, the lion does so. As Shasta enters the gates, the Hermit meets him and tells him that the horses are spent and that Shasta must run on foot to find King Lune. Though exhausted, Shasta runs on, eventually meeting up with King Lune's hunting party. As they ride to Anvard, Shasta falls behind, not knowing how to manage a dumb horse. While he is bemoaning his ill luck, he suddenly realizes he is not alone. Aslan the Lion is walking beside him and tells Shasta of his history and how He was the Lion who brought Shasta and Aravis together (as well as many other things). When Shasta finally arrives at Anvard, he meets up with Corin, who drags him into the battle. Shasta survives and shortly afterwards learns that he is the long-lost eldest son of King Lune and Corin's twin, and that his real name is Cor. Shasta and Aravis eventually get married and their son, Ram the Great, becomes Archenland's most famous king.

~ The Last Battle ~ (1956)

Cor (Shasta) is there to welcome the friends of Narnia at the final reunion.

About Shasta

Though he grew up in the harsh Calormene culture, Shasta has always been drawn to stories of the lands in the North where the "barbarians" live. Though by nature somewhat cautious, Shasta takes a risk to run away with Bree and does not hesitate when he turns back to face the lion and save Aravis. Throughout their journey Shasta demonstrates loyalty and courage on many occasions, though he is not immune to self-pity and calls himself unlucky many times. He is quite abashed when learns he is the heir to the throne of Archenland, and his humble upbringing and exposure to Calormene culture as a fisherman's son have done much to fit him for the crown. Shasta is calmer and more sensible than his twin Corin, and it is clear he will become a wise and responsible ruler.


  • "I wish you could talk, old fellow." (HHB Ch. 1)
  • "Oh hurrah! Then we'll go North. I've been longing to go to the North all my life." (HHB, Ch. 1)
  • "Why don't you say at once that you think I'm not good enough for you?" (HHB Ch. 2)
  • "I'm nobody, nobody in particular, I mean. King Edmund caught me in the street and mistook me for you. I suppose we must look like one another." (HHB Ch. 5)
  • "Oh, Puss. I am so glad to see you again. I've been having such horrible dreams. I'll never do anything nasty to a cat again as long as I live." (HHB Ch. 6)
  • "I do think that I must be the most unfortunate boy that ever lived in the whole world. Everything goes right for everyone except me." (HHB Ch. 11)
  • "I must have come through the pass in the night. What luck that I hit it! - at least it wasn't luck at all really, it was Him. And now I'm in Narnia." (HHB, Ch. 12)
  • "Look here, Aravis, I do hope you won't think I'm got up like this (and the trumpeter and all) to try to impress you or make out that I'm different or any rot of that sort." (HHB Ch. 14)


  • Jonny Scott: Focus on the Family Radio Theater, 1999 – 2002
  • James Graves: BBC Radio Tales of Narnia
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