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Bio Info

Title: Lord Sopespian

Age: Unknown

Species: Son of Adam, Telmarine

Home: Miraz's Castle

Physical Description: A big man

First Appearance: Prince Caspian, Ch. 13 (1951)


~ Prince Caspian ~ (1951)

Sopespian has just finished eating with Glozelle when he looks up and sees Edmund, Glenstorm, and Wimbleweather coming toward them out of the woods. At first glance they believe it is an attack, but when they see the green branches the party is carrying, they realize it is a parley. Looking into Edmund's kingly face, Sopespian and Glozelle determine he has come not to surrender, but to bring a challenge. They are surprised by this because the Telmarine army is clearly in a superior position. But Glozelle believes that they can use this to their advantage and takes Sopespian aside to suggest that they might be able to get Miraz to accept the challenge. If Miraz wins, then the war would be over, but if he loses, the Telmarine army can still win the war — and Sopespian and Glozelle could then rule Narnia. When Miraz calls them into his tent to ask for advice on the challenge, the two lords cleverly imply that he should refuse it because he is too old and cowardly. This throws Miraz into a rage, goading him to accept the challenge, and he stomps out of the tent after insulting them. Sopespian and Glozelle are pleased with his response to their manipulation. During the duel, Miraz falls on his face, but before he can rise Sopespian and Glozelle rush into the ring, shouting "Treachery" against the Narnians and starting the Battle of Beruna. Sopespian dies when he faces King Peter in battle.

About Sopespian

Sopespian is an opportunistic Telmarine lord who is easily led into treacherous plans by his friend Glozelle. He is less charismatic and creative than Glozelle, but he plays his part in the deception of Miraz with understated finesse. He endures Miraz's insults with equanimity, knowing that he can only gain from what they have goaded Miraz to do. His selfish personality is less assertive than Glozelle's, but no less dangerous. His death in battle against King Peter is a fitting end to his plans of crushing the Narnian army after the duel.


  • "This is a fell warrior, I warrant you, wherever the rebels have got him from. He is (in your Lordship's private ear) a kinglier man than ever Miraz was." (PC, Ch. 13)
  • "Do not touch it, Sire. And what your Majesty says of the policy of the thing comes in very happily. It gives your Majesty excellent grounds for a refusal without any cause for questioning your Majesty's honor or courage." (PC, Ch. 13)


  • Damián Alcázar: Disney/Walden Prince Caspian, 2008

Born: 8 January 1953

  • Christopher Snell (voice): Focus on the Family Radio Theater, 1999 – 2002

  • Rory Edwards: BBC TV series, 1988 – 1990

  • Andrew Branch (voice): BBC Radio Tales of Narnia
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