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Bio Info

Titles: Trufflehunter the Badger, Truffle-hunter

Age: Unknown

Species: Talking Badger

Home: A comfortable cave in the ground in the forest, southwest of the Stone Table

Physical Description: Trufflehunter looks like a normal badger, but larger, friendlier, and more intelligent

First Appearance: Prince Caspian, Ch. 5 (1951)


~ Prince Caspian ~ (1951)

Trufflehunter lives in hiding with the other Old Narnians during Miraz's reign. When Caspian, the rightful king of Narnia, is knocked unconscious outside his den, Trufflehunter takes him in and cares for him. The Badger gives Caspian quite a shock when he awakens (he is the first Talking Beast that Caspian has ever seen). After listening to Caspian's story, Trufflehunter immediately offers his allegiance and introduces Caspian to the other Old Narnians. He fights by Caspian's side against Miraz's army. Even after it appears that blowing Queen Susan's horn has done no good, Trufflehunter maintains his belief that the help would come as the legends promised. After the second Battle of Beruna, Caspian bestows the Knighthood of the Order of the Lion on Trufflehunter.

~ The Last Battle ~ (1956)

Trufflehunter is there to welcome the friends of Narnia at the final reunion.

About Trufflehunter

Trufflehunter is a loyal believer in Aslan, even though the Lion has not been seen in Narnia for over a thousand years. After Caspian blows Queen Susan's horn seeking help, many of the Old Narnians, even Doctor Cornelius, begin to doubt that aid will come. But Trufflehunter never loses faith. "The help will come," he says. Minutes later, High King Peter and King Edmund enter Aslan's How. "Best of badgers. You never doubted us all through," Peter says.


  • "I'm a beast, I am, and a Badger what's more. We don't change. We hold on." (PC, Ch. 5)
  • "We don't forget. I believe in the High King Peter and the rest that reigned at Cair Paravel, as firmly as I believe in Aslan himself." (PC, Ch. 5)
  • "We should not have Aslan for a friend if we brought in that rabble." (PC, Ch. 6)
  • "I stand by Aslan. Have patience, like us beasts. The help will come. It may be even now at the door." (PC, Ch. 12)


  • Ken Stott (voice): Disney/Walden Prince Caspian, 2008

Born: 1955 "I wanted to kind of expand the world [of Narnia] in terms of accents. You know, the Telmarines come from the Mediterranean. Ken Stott came to me and he has just this edge to his voice and yet he was able to pull of this wonderful ernestness and he's got this very rich quality to him. So the idea of a Scottish badger seemed very appropriate." — Director Andrew Adamson

  • Robert Meadwell (voice): Focus on the Family Radio Theater, 1999 – 2002

  • Joanna David (voice), Julie Peters: BBC TV series, 1988 – 1990

  • John Turner (voice): BBC Radio Tales of Narnia
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