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Bio Info

Age: Unknown

Species: Son of Adam

Home: Narnia; later Calormen

Physical Description: None

First Appearance: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Ch. 14 (1952)


~ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ~ (1952)

Pittencream is one of the sailors who journey all the way to Ramandu's Island aboard the Dawn Treader. Once the sailors arrive there and find the remaining three Lords, many of them want to return to Narnia instead of continuing on to the end of the world. But Caspian makes a speech, telling the sailors that only the deserving will be chosen to see the last things; not everyone will be accepted. But Pittencream still does not want to go, and only changes his mind at the last moment. Because of this, he is not permitted to go, and is the only one who is left behind on Ramandu's Island. His time on the island alone is fairly miserable as he does not care for the company of Ramandu and his daughter. On the return trip, he abandons the Dawn Treader at the Lone Islands and later goes to live in Calormen, where he tells exaggerated stories about his experiences at the end of the world.

About Pittencream

Pittencream is a craven man who is more interested in self-preservation than honor. He tries to convince his fellow sailors to stay behind in safety on Ramandu's Island rather than take the incredible — though perilous — opportunity of sailing to the end of the world. But his companions abandon him, and he demonstrates his cowardice by trying to rejoin the crew at the last moment. Pittencream is also a dishonest man, spinning lies about his adventures to get attention in Calormen. But he is not altogether without a conscience; Lewis writes that Pittencream could never abide mice, because they reminded him of Reepicheep's valor and his own craven behavior.

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