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Bio Info

Titles: Su, Queen Susan the Gentle, Queen Susan of the Horn

Age: 12 – 27 (LWW), 13 (PC), 26 (HHB)

Species: Daughter of Eve

Home: London, England; Cair Paravel, Narnia

Physical Description: Black hair (during her reign, it fell almost to her feet)

Tools: Bow and arrows and a magic horn

First Appearance: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Ch. 1 (1950)


~ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ~ (1950)

Susan, the second oldest of the four Pevensies, is sent away to Professor Kirke's house in the country with her siblings because of the air raids of World War II. Like her two brothers, Susan does not believe Lucy's story about finding a country in a wardrobe. Concerned that something might be wrong with Lucy, Susan and Peter ask Professor Kirke for advice. His response, that logically Lucy must be telling the truth, astounds them. But despite her initial disbelief, Susan also finds her way into Narnia when the children climb into the wardrobe to avoid Mrs. Macready's tour. When the Pevensies decide to visit Mr. Tumnus, Susan suggests that they use the fur coats that were in the wardobe, saying, "we shan't take them even out of the wardrobe." Later at the Beavers' house, when Susan hears Aslan's name for the first time, she feels as if some delicious smell or delightful strain of music had just floated past her. On the journey to the Stone Table they meet Father Christmas, who gives Susan a bow, a quiver of arrows, and a magic horn. Susan first uses the horn at the Stone Table when the Wolf Maugrim attacks the camp and chases her up a tree. That night, Susan and Lucy follow Aslan to the Stone Table where they witness His death. In the morning, the two girls are there to hear the Stone Table crack and see Aslan after His resurrection. During her reign, Susan becomes known as Queen Susan the Gentle.

~ The Horse and His Boy ~ (1954)

Queen Susan visits the city of Tashbaan in Calormen while considering Prince Rabadash's proposal of marriage. During her visit, she realizes that she does not wish to marry Rabadash. After telling Edmund of her decision to reject the proposal, Susan says, "Yet when he was with us in Narnia, truly this Prince bore himself in another fashion than he does now in Tashbaan." Edmund believes that Rabadash will make her his wife by force, and they decide to flee. Edmund's foresight and Tumnus' brilliant plan enable the Narnians to escape.

~ Prince Caspian ~ (1951)

Susan and her siblings are pulled into Narnia when Narnia's rightful king, Caspian, blows Susan's magic horn to call for aid. That night, she finds a chesspiece that the Pevensies remembered from their reign in Narnia. This leads them to the realization that they are in the ruins of Cair Paravel. After they rediscover the treasure chamber, Susan finds her bow and quiver of arrows but is surprised that her magic horn is missing. The next day, after Susan's arrow prevents two Telmarines from drowning Trumpkin, the Dwarf explains that Doctor Cornelius had found her magic horn and passed it on to Caspian. When Trumpkin finishes his story, Susan beats him in an archery competition to prove to him that she is indeed Queen Susan the Gentle from the ancient past. After crossing Glasswater, Susan doubts Lucy's claim that she has seen Aslan, and Susan and Trumpkin are the last to be able see Him. Aslan tells her, "You have listened to your fears, child. Come, let me breathe on you. Forget them." While Peter and Edmund go into Aslan's How to meet Caspian, Susan and Lucy stay with Aslan and take part in the "romp" with Bacchus and Silenus. The next morning, the girls ride on Aslan's back as the Bridge of Beruna is destroyed and Narnia is set right again. After the second Battle of Beruna, Aslan tells Susan and Peter that they will not be coming back to Narnia because they are too old.

~ The Last Battle ~ (1956)

Susan does not return to Narnia with her siblings. According to Peter, she is "no longer a friend of Narnia" and has forgotten it.

About Susan

Susan is the practical older sister in the Pevensie family. When the children first step into Narnia through the wardrobe, they follow her sensible suggestion and use the fur coats. In Prince Caspian, she is among the last to believe Lucy's claim that she has seen Aslan. Susan's absence in The Last Battle makes her one of the most controversial characters in the series.


  • "It isn't as if we wanted to take [the fur coats] out of the house; we shan't take them even out of the wardrobe." (LWW, Ch. 6)
  • "Is he—quite safe? I shall feel rather nervous about meeting a lion." (LWW, Ch. 8)
  • "Who's done it? What does it mean? Is it more magic?" (LWW, CH. 15)
  • "And I really believed it was Him tonight, when you woke us up. I mean, deep down inside. Or I could have, if I'd let myself." (PC, Ch. 11)
  • "I wouldn't have felt safe with Bacchus and all his wild girls if we'd met them without Aslan." (PC, Ch. 11)
  • "What wonderful memories you have! Fancy your still thinking about all those funny games we used to play when we were children." (LB, Ch. 12)


  • Anna Popplewell: Disney/Walden The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, 2005; Prince Caspian, 2008

Born: 16 December 1988 "I think I sort of pretended I didn’t mind [about getting the part] right up until the last couple of weeks and then I really did mind. I think I probably deafened Mark and Andrew with screams of joy." — Anna Popplewell "Anna was somebody who I was just blown away by. I remember she just arrived early for an audition scene and just came in and sat down and talked to me and I could have been talking to a 25-year-old, just so together and smart and mature and so many of those things that I wanted Susan to be." — Director Andrew Adamson

  • Sophie Winkleman (adult): Disney/Walden The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, 2005

Born: 5 August 1980

  • Katherine Suchet (voice, young), Sally Ann Burnett (voice, adult): Focus on the Family Radio Theater, 1999 – 2002

  • Sophie Cook: BBC TV series, 1988 – 1990

  • Suzanne Debney (adult): BBC TV series, 1988 – 1990

  • Abigail Docherty (voice, LWW), Susie Hay (voice, PC), Deborah Berlin (voice, HHB): BBC Radio Tales of Narnia

  • Susan Sokol (voice): LWW TV animated film, 1979

  • Zuleika Robson: LWW TV series, 1967
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